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Tips for Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions

So Christmas is over and the weather is looking pretty bleak outside – but I hope that isn’t dampening your sprits if you’ve decided to take on a New Year’s resolution.  Hows that going? Still doing it? 

A recent poll of 2000 British people, published by BUPA, discovered that only half of those stating they would be setting a New Year’s resolution for 2017 were confident they would stick to it.  The other half, obviously weren’t confident they would stick to it.  Which half do you fall into?

Most Common New Year’s Resolutions…

Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions include:

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Exercising more

Lose weight

Eat more healthily

Learn a new skill or hobby

Drink less alcohol

Spend more time with friends and family

Stop smoking

It’s great to have a New Year’s resolution, to start the year as you mean to go on but how often do you actually achieve your goal?

How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution..

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If you set a New Year’s resolution last year and you didn’t go onto achieve it, you certainly wouldn’t be the only one.  Only a few people actually go on to achieve the goal they set.  One of the reasons for this, according to Philip Clarke (a psychology lecturer at the University of Derby Online Learning), is the lack of thinking through how to do it, how to achieve what they want, they have the want but not the how and this is one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to setting a New Year’s resolution.

So, if you’ve set a goal for this year, spend some time thinking through how you will achieve it.  Is it specific enough, for example, if you want to loose weight, how much weight do you want to loose and in what time frame?  Is it achievable?  Make sure your time frames are realistic for the goal you have in mind?  Keep it exciting – for example, if you want to stop smoking, think about what you could do with the money you are saving, a holiday possibly or a present for yourself.

Ask yourself these simple questions in relation to your New Year’s resolution or even just a goal you have in mind, and you may be surprised how more often you achieve what you set out to do.

A Few Tips to Help You Stop Smoking…

If you’ve decided to stop smoking as your New Year’s resolution, here’s a few tips that could help you stick to it:

7/11 Breathing Technique if you’ve always relied on cigarettes to help relax you or calm you down if feeling a bit stressed, use this simple breathing technique instead.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking

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Sugar Free Mints – cigarettes contain sugar, when you stop smoking you will also stop the sugar hit each cigarette gives you, so use sugar free mints to help curb any sugar cravings you may get.

Drink Water  – by drinking water you are giving your hands something to do.

Write Down Your Reasons for Stopping – keep your reasons for stopping written down on your phone, you might be surprised how useful it could be if you have a craving or a ‘wanting’ for a cigarette.

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking….

Hypnotherapy to stop smokingIf you are finding it hard to stop on your own, Cognitive Hypnotherapy to stop smoking can help you become free of cigarettes for good.  We are all different and some people find it easier to stop than others, so if you are struggling, have a read of my previous blog as to why this may be and lets have a conversation to see how Cognitive Hypnotherapy to stop smoking could help you today.

Don’t just Dream…Plan

So if you have a New Year’s resolution or a goal in mind that you would like to achieve, think beyond just what you want, spend time thinking about how you can achieve it, if it helps make a plan but overall focus on the ‘how’ once you have the ‘want’.