Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy – Tips for Staying Calm

As I look out the window each day, I see more and more green filling the empty space where the bare tree’s stood and the garden filling up with colour and birds again, which can only mean one thing – summer is just around the corner…thank goodness!  This also means the summer holidays are fast approaching and most of us will be looking forward to getting on a plane and jetting of some where nice for our summer holiday, but not all of us!  For some, the thought of getting on a plane is terrifying and can even stop those with a fear a flying or aviophobia, from getting on a plane which means going abroad for a holiday or a business trip, is out of the question.    

Are You Afraid of Flying?

Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy

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A fear of flying is one of the most common fears out there, it’s up there with a fear of heights and spiders and it can manifest itself in many different themes.  Some people will fear the plane will crash, for others the source of their anxiety stems from not being able to get out of the plane and fear they will loose control and have a panic attack.  Have a read of Are You Afraid of Flying? to find out more about what causes a fear of flying.

Tips for Staying Calm…

So, if you have a fear of flying, try these few tips to help you stay calm:

A Good Breathing Technique – a breathing technique that works for you is worth it’s weight in gold at helping you stay calm, a lot of my clients seeking fear of flying hypnotherapy find the 7/11 breathing technique works well for them, it’s discreet and it induces your own body’s relaxation response.

Use Your Imagination – A good few weeks beforehand or whenever you think about your flight, picture yourself at the airport and visualise yourself acting how you want to be, see yourself on the plane relaxed and in control.  By doing this, you are priming yourself for how you want to be rather than how you don’t want to be.

Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy

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Keep Focussed on the Reason for the Flight – A lot of my clients who seek fear of flying hypnotherapy, forget to focus on the reason for the flight, they get caught up in the fear that grips them.  So keep your mind focused on your destination, be it a holiday destination or business trip, it will help keep your mind focussed on what’s important.

Your Body Language – keep an eye on what your body is doing.  Because of the mind body connection, certain behaviours can signal our threat response which can heighten anxiety.  Just keep checking in with yourself and if you find you are gripping the chair or sitting on the edge of your seat, take a moment to do some 7/11 breathing and readjust your body language; for example, if you are sitting on the edge of your seat, sit back in the seat and do some 7/11 breathing or which ever technique works for you, you might be surprised by just how much a few small adjustments to how you are sitting can make.

Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy

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Activities – a great way to help keep the anxiety at bay is to keep your mind distracted on other things, by doing so it helps stop your mind wandering back to unhelpful thoughts.  So make sure you have plenty of things to do, some flights come with entertainment while others don’t so be prepared.  Bring books or puzzles with you, have your devices loaded with things you want to watch or listen to.

Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy 

Remember to make these techniques your own, what works for someone else, may not work for you, so play around with them, adapt them to suit you.  Practice the techniques beforehand, so by the time you get to the airport you are familiar with the techniques and feel comfortable using them, rather than trying to remember off the top of your head what the tips were.

If you would like further help in overcoming your fear, then fear of flying hypnotherapy could help  you.  I’ve helped many clients over come their fear of flying, together we sourced the root of their fear and resolved it, I also gave them more tools to support the work we did together which included a personalised Wordweaving recording.  Feel free to get in contact today to see how fear of flying Hypnotherapy in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich and Eye could help you.

So this summer, wherever you go and whatever you do, don’t let a fear of flying stop you from having a relaxing holiday or enjoying your time away.

Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy

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