Are You Afraid of Flying?

I had the TV on in the background the other day as I was cooking dinner and I heard something which made me look up from what I was doing.  I heard this: 

 “20% of the population has a fear of flying”.  

I was quite taken aback by that statistic.  I can’t remember the programme title, but that is a staggering amount.  If you suffer from a fear of flying, also known as aerophobia; you are certainly not alone.  

Did you know….

According to, the odds of being killed on a single airline flight with one of the 78 major airlines in the world is 1 in 4.7 million and that increases to 1 in 19.8 million with the top 39 airlines with the best accident rates (based on 20 years of data between 1993 and 2012).

Too put this in more everyday terms, according to the National Safety Council, the chance of dying in an “air and space transport incident” over the course of a lifetime, are 1 in 8,357.  This is taken from there 2010 data, and to just put that figure into perspective, before you start thinking that doesn’t sound that high; you are more more likely to die from causes, including heat exposure (1:8,321), choking (1:3,649), in an accident as a pedestrian (1:723), a fall (1:152) or unintentional poisoning (1:119) than you are in an “air and space transport incident” or put more simply, on a plane.

What a cheerful subject!  So I think it’s safe to say, flying is one off, if not the most, safest form of transports out there.  So why are some people so afraid of it?

Are You Afraid of Flying?

I know if you are afraid of flying, these statistic’s about how safe flying is, will probably not help you get on a plane or even book your holiday.

I have had many people seeking help with a fear of flying and for each client they had their own reasons for not wanting to fly.  For some the anxiety starts as soon as they book their holiday, others can’t book anything because of the anxiety or fear that grips them over the thought of getting on a plane.

What Causes a Fear of Flying?

There are numerous theories stating what causes a fear of flying.  Everyone is different but one reason a fear can develop is due to experiencing a “bad flight” – for example, severe turbulence or experiencing something you found upsetting or unnerving onboard, like an emergency landing maybe.

A few years ago now, I was touring Europe with a theatre company so I spent a lot of the time flying different places.  I love flying and enjoy the experience.  I was on a flight and we were due to land in Portugal, the pilot warned us that the weather wasn’t that great but said he would basically give it a go instead of diverting to a different airport to land.  So we started our decent and I felt the turbulence get worse and worse…..a few people started to get a ‘little’ worried and I heard a few screams and gasps.  I felt the plane abandon our decent and the pilot proceed to make another announcement stating that we wouldn’t be landing here and we were to head to another airport – which I think all onboard were quite pleased about.  I noticed after this flight, and it wasn’t until a little while later, I started to get a bit anxious on landing and take off; which was unlike me.  I’m now fine but it took a little digging to find out what was going and why I started to get anxious ‘out of the blue’ like that.  It’s quite common for those with a fear of flying, to once have been a confident flyer.

You don’t always have to experience a bad flight to become afraid of flying though.  Because plane accidents are so rare they get a lot of coverage in the media when they happen.  Hearing about plane accidents can cause or contribute to a fear of flying, possibly leading us to think along the lines of “that could have been me”.  A fear of flying can also be caused by something unrelated to flying for example, claustrophobia or even a traumatic event in your life.

How Can Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying Help….

The good news is there is help out there, and it doesn’t have to come in the form of pills or copious amounts of alcohol.  Using fear of flying hypnosis, I can help you overcome what ever it is that’s holding you back from getting on a plane to take you where you want to go, be it a holiday or for work.

Your unconscious believes flying to be threat to you, so to keep you safe it try’s to keep you away from it.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy for fear of flying can help find the root cause of the fear, so flying is no longer perceived as a threat, leaving you to go on holiday, have a short break or fly somewhere to further your career.

I’ve helped many clients overcome their fear of flying.  We are all different, so that means, if you have a fear of flying, your solution to help you overcome that fear is unique to you.  So together we will find the root cause of your fear and resolve it.  I will also give you a bag of tools to help support the work we do together, that could include relaxation techniques, a personalised recording (Wordweaving), visualisation exercises…..and many more.

Where Do You Want To Go?

So regardless of how scared you are when it comes to flying, from just a bit nervous or you are unable to book a flight, Cognitive Hypnotherapy for fear of flying can probably help you.  If you’re not sure, let’s have a conversation to see how I can help you let go of the fear today – let the world be your oyster, to go where you want to, be it for work, rest or play.

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