Hypnobirthing Bury St Edmunds and Hypnobirthing Ipswich

Confident Childbirth Method – Hypnobirthing Bury St Edmunds and Hypnobirthing Ipswich

Would you like to have the skills and confidence to have your baby the way you want it? Would you like to have a birth which is right and positive for you and your baby? 

My aim at Hypnobirthing Bury St Edmunds and Hypnobirthing Ipswich is for you to have a positive birthing experience regardless of how or where your birth proceeds.

Hypnobirthing, using the Confident Childbirth method, offers you a flexible approach tailored to you and your baby, I will guide you and respect your wishes so you get the birth you want for your baby and yourself.

Benefits of Hypnobirthing Bury St Edmunds and Hypnobirthing Ipswich 

Hypnosis for childbirth has been used form more than a century and one of the great things about the Confident Childbirth method is, you can be assured of the highest possible standard because it can only be practised by a fully qualified hypnotherapist, trained by the Quest Institute.

There are many benefits of using hypnotherapy in the birth of your baby and every new mum or mum to be has her own reasons for doing so. 

There are numerous studies and research which support hypnotherapy for childbirth and below are a few ways Hypnobirthing can benefit you:

Research shows labour to be shorter – a Toronto study of self-referred first time mothers found the average length of labour for woman who had hypnotherapy to be 5.5 hours compared to those who didn’t at 12 hours.  

Hypnosis and Higher Apgar Score – research shows babies born to mothers who’ve used hypnosis for birth have a higher Apgar Score; a study in 1990 by Harmon, Hynan and Tyre found mothers who had received hypnosis had higher Apgar scores compared to those who hadn’t. 

Hypnosis can have a reducing affect on the amount of pain relief woman required when giving birth – a 5 year study by Jenkins and Pritchard in 1993 found over 50% of first time mum’s who didn’t receive hypnotherapy had more than 100g of pain relief (pethidine) compared to less than 10% of the group who received hypnotherapy. 

Research shows hypnosis can have a reducing affect on the amount of medical intervention required – a study in Florida by Martin and Schauble in 2001 looked at “the effects of hypnosis on the labour process and birth outcomes of pregnant adolescents”.  They randomly assigned 47 pregnant teenagers to either supportive counselling or hypnosis.  They found 60% of the counselling group (12 out of the 20 teenagers) needed some sort of medical intervention which included induction, forceps, caesarean and ventouse.  Compared to 0% of the hypnosis group,  so none of the 22 teenagers in the hypnosis group needed any medical intervention. 

Martin and Schauble’s Florida study also noted a shorter hospital stay for the hypnosis group – 40% of the supportive counselling group had a hospital stay of 2+ days compared to only 4.5% of the hypnosis group. 

Hypnosis and turning breached babies – a study in Vermont in 1994 compared 100 ‘breach positioned’ pregnant woman.  They found 81% of the foetuses who’s mothers had received hypnosis converted to the vertex (head down position) compared to only 48% of the mothers who received standard obstetrical care.  

For more details on the above studies please see the Hypnobirthing research page

How Hypnobirthing using the Confident Childbirth Method Can Help You? 

Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing can help you in many way and not just during the birth of your baby but for the remainder of your pregnancy and after your baby is born.  

How do you feel about the birth of your baby?  

Each mother is different and every baby is unique, some woman feel anxious, others more relaxed.  However you feel, I’ll taylor each hypnobirthing class to suit you and your needs, whilst ensuring you gain the core techniques and skills you will need.

Sessions will include (where relevant): 

  • Self-Hypnosis which will allow you to go quickly into a relaxed and positive state of mind.
  • Visualisation exercises giving you the opportunity to rehearse how you want the birth to go.
  • Helping you trust your body and its instinct to perform the task of giving birth as smoothly as possible.
  • How to overcome any pregnancy anxieties or fears.
  • Pain Control Techniques.
  • How to remain calmer, more in control and more positive than you otherwise might be, in any given situation or location.
  • Guidance in communicating positively with your medical team so you can gain from there knowledge, experience and expertise but also expressing to then, your needs and wishes on how your body is doing and taking part in the decisions as the birth of your baby unfolds. 
  • How to remain positive and in control. 
  • Positive clearing of previous birth trauma (if relevant).
  • The partners role.
  • Work on any concerns you may have regarding your pregnancy e.g dealing with other people’s beliefs concerning giving birth.
  • Building confidence for parenthood and giving you the psychological skills for dealing with the challenges of the new baby. 

Personalised MP3’s or CDs will also be supplied for you to listen to and benefit from.  You are also more than welcome to bring your partner to all or some of the classes. 

How many session will I need?

The work can be completed in 4 session and each session will be one hour long.


When in my pregnancy? 

That depends on you and when you feel that you are ready.  Some mum’s prefer to come early to mid pregnancy and others like to wait and come towards the end of their pregnancy.  I will be asking you to practise techniques and listen to recordings so coming at a time where you will have the opportunity and motivation to do these things is something to keep in mind when you are deciding when to come along.

Something else to keep in mind is; the earlier you come, the earlier you will have the benefits of the sessions for not just the birth but during your pregnancy too.  

If you would like to find out more, send me a message via my contact form or call me on 07946 722 897. 

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