Hypnotherapy Testimonials

What other have said about Elizabeth Donegan Cognitive Hypnotherapy:

“Just want to say a big thank you, Wednesday night and Thursday night I managed to sleep a lot better.  I feel so much more energised in the daytime enabling me to get on with life.  It’s been a few months of hell for me with this sleeping problem I had and now I can look forward to my move and enjoying my granddaughters.  I didn’t realise just how powerful the mind really is and how you can re-train it.  A huge thank you once again.”
S.S November 2017, Retired
“I’m feeling pretty good at the minute and am continuing to make really good progress. Had a full roast yesterday with no problems at all. I don’t think people who know me can quite believe the change – even I’m amazed! I’m so impressed with how it’s all gone. Happy to recommend you to friends and family as well.  Thanks for all your help once again”.
A.T Project Manager, October 2017
“I am now feeling very much better and think I have found some peace of mind and better control over my anxiety issues.  Thank you for your time and consideration during our therapy sessions.  I will contact you again if I feel I need further support”.
D.F October 2017, Retired
“Elizabeth is so positive and provided me with a wealth of tools to overcome chronic burping, anxiety and depression individually tailored to my needs. She is wonderful and totally dedicated to helping her clients move forward into a better place”
J.H August 2017, Media Professional 
“I want to say how much I have benefited from your sessions and it has changed my outlook on a lot of situations.  Only this weekend I used one of your techniques while out.  With thanks for your help and best wishes”.  
JR July 2017, Family Support Worker
“At the weekend I completed a Power walking Marathon in London.   I am no longer the anxious worried person that I was before – I walked through the night in a crowd of 20,000 to complete all 26.2 miles.  Not only that – I also walked over 200 training miles, much of which on my own with my iPod for company!!!  This is the person who was having panic attacks walking down the road to the shops…!  I’m still using all of the techniques that you taught me and they did come in useful over the weekend.  I can’t believe I’m the same person – thank you so much for your help – it’s really changed my life!”
Jane, May 2017, PR
“I would like to say a HUGE Thankyou for everything over the last few months, I never thought I’d see the day when I wasn’t skin picking and now it’s not an issue at all. I also now feel much more confident and able to face my fears.  Many Thanks once again”.
Hannah, March 2017, Early Years Practitioner
“Elizabeth I want to sincerely thank you for helping me stop smoking and gain more inner confidence.  I really appreciate all your help. You are an amazing therapist. I have recommended you to some of my patients.  I would like to come back at some point when I am ready to take on the next challenge.  Thank you once again”.
Louise, March 2017, Nurse
“Thank you again for your help. I am in a very positive frame of mind & have felt a significant change to my approach to life”.
R.B. Jan 2017, IT Consultant
“I consulted Elizabeth when I was facing some tough business and life challenges and her calm, professional and supportive approach was an enormous help to me in making good long term decisions, calmly and logically – whilst tackling my own personal objectives very, very sensitively and effectively”
G.J. Nov 2016, Entrepreneur & MD
“I made contact with Elizabeth following an episode of depression/ anxiety where I felt I needed help to move forward and standard counselling didn’t offer a dynamic enough approach. Elizabeth has a flexible approach to therapy, getting to know you and working out what kind of thing works best with you, and tailoring her sessions to suit. She had lots of ideas and exercises to put into practice away from the sessions. It was clear to me that she was dedicated to helping me get to where I wanted to be and there was a focus on progression that I responded well to. If you have had trouble with depression and/ or anxiety and feel that you are at a place where keeping on an even keel is a daily test then I would highly recommend Elizabeth as a guide to helping you get to a better place”.
Rachel, July 2016, Business Support Co-ordinator
“I contacted Elizabeth with a phobia that has ruled my life for many years. Elizabeth was professional and understanding, while also being sympathetic to my needs. Using the techniques she has taught me, I am able to get on with my day to day life knowing I have the strategies to help me, should I need them. Thank you so much for your help. I’m pleased to recommend Elizabeth to anyone”. 
Wendy, May 2016, Cover Supervisor
“Elizabeth put me at ease immediately with her warm, caring, positive and above all professional manner.  Elizabeth provides real, easy everyday strategies that for me had an impact very quickly.  Elizabeth listens and responds using a completely non judgemental approach. On the basis of my experiences with Elizabeth, I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend her – she is exceptional”.  
Lisa, April 2016, Headteacher
“My sessions with Elizabeth have enabled me to gain much more clarity in my thoughts which has helped me to focus on what is important in my life.  I felt I could speak freely in a safe and non-judgemental environment and was encouraged to explore them by using a number of techniques, tailored to how I process words, images etc. 6 months on and they still help! Thank you!”  
M.E. November 2015
“I contacted Elizabeth as I was hoping to start my own business but felt that nerves would never let me fulfil that hope.  I can happily say that she has helped me immensely and I no longer feel that this is a barrier.  Elizabeth immediately put me at ease and even from the first consultation, I felt very positive for the future.  I really liked her use of several different techniques to achieve our goal and I’m sure I will continue to reap the benefits for many years to come”.
Grace, November 2015
“Elizabeth has changed my life. She made something that completely controlled my life into an insignificant issue. I was so happy that I chose you, Elizabeth, as my therapist; you were friendly from the off and most importantly, made me feel comfortable, which enabled me to truly say how I was feeling, and overcome my issue. It was a massive step for me to actually go seek help, but once I started I noticed a dramatic improvement in every aspect of my daily life. Even my family and friends noticed a difference.  You made me feel I could accomplish anything I put my mind to, which in turn, gave me the confidence that I needed.  Thank you so much Elizabeth for all your help!  You’re first on my list for a recommendation.”
Kelsey, October 2015, Student 

It’s almost six months since I saw you and I wanted to just let you know how things are going.  In short, fantastic; my life has been turned around – back to what it was like almost 20 years ago.  For so many years I succumbed to that fear of driving and walking where height was involved; a phobia that increasingly challenged my ability to enjoy the travel which is so much part of our life..

Since working with you I am so positive about getting out and about, and my wife even more so as my fear was limiting both our activities.  Visiting restaurants at the top of hills, driving high bridges and walking coastal paths and hillsides are again a pleasure I look forward to – without being asked and without checking out the map first!  Look out The Shard!

So, thank you so much for your help.  Previous efforts with therapists had been far from successful.  Your assessment and choice of approach to helping me was simply professional and spot on,

Life really is fun”.
Tom, October 2015, Lecturer in District Nursing
“I went to see Elizabeth for help with giving up smoking in August 2015. I had, however, given up smoking but was using an electronic cigarette quite heavily. I think this was a problem Elizabeth hadn’t come across but it wasn’t an issue.
I had been a little apprehensive and sceptical about doing something like this but as soon as I arrived I was put at ease. The Self Centre in Bury St Edmund’s is a very comforting and welcoming venue, and after meeting Elizabeth I started to relax.
I had been prepared to try cognitive therapy with possibly a limit of 4/5 sessions before I re-evaluated, but I didn’t even need that many. I had a total of 2 sessions and haven’t used my electric cigarette or had a real cigarette since. The whole process was simply, straightforward, flexible and with no pressure. I would not hesitate in recommending Elizabeth or returning to her again”.
Patrick, September 2015, Traffic Officer for Highways England
“Needed help and Elizabeth was there, extremely sensitive and I never once felt judged. Highly recommend her”. 
Craig, June 2015, Landscape Gardner

“Thank you so much Elizabeth for helping me to successfully work through some issues that were bothering me. Your professionalism in building rapport and then using your skill and experience to help me find answers that I could move forward with were extremely helpful. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending your services.” 
Joe, April 2014, Professional Writer and Entrepreneur
“Just a quick note to say how useful the hypnotherapy sessions we had were. They were instrumental in helping me to see my issues more clearly and you also gave me some excellent practical tips which worked for me on a day to day basis too. I particularly liked the flexibility.  The additional downloads were very handy for a busy mum like me. Thanks again”.
Mel, April 2014
“Just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my lack of self confidence in starting up a business. I felt you showed kindness, compassion and understanding and helped improve my confidence levels very quickly. I have now achieved things I never thought I would. Thanks to your knowledge and professional approach.” 
Louise, September 2013, Teaching Assistant