What are the Health Benefits of Stopping Smoking?

We all know smoking is unhealthy, but what are the health benefits of stopping and how quickly could you notice the differences?

Hypnotherapy to stop smokingStoptober is just around the corner, so if you are thinking of stopping or know someone who is, here’s a few health benefits which may be useful to know and why hypnotherapy to stop smoking could help you become smoke free for good?

The Health Benefits

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that can make all the difference, just by knowing the health benefits and priming your mind to notice them could make all the difference in helping you stay smoke free for good.

You don’t have to wait long after your last cigarette for the benefits to start….

Improved Sense of Taste and Smell

48 hours after your last cigarette, there will be no nicotine left in your body, improving your sense of smell and taste.

Breath Easier 

Stopping smoking helps you breath easier, within 3 to 9 months your lung capacity improves by up to 10%.  When you are in your 20’s and 30’s, you may not notice the effect of smoking on your lung capacity but as we all age our lung capacity naturally diminishes, so having maximum lung capacity in our later years could mean the difference between wheezing as you climb a set of stairs or not.

Less Stressed

For some, stopping smoking can feel like they are more stressed, however scientific studies actually show people’s stress levels are lower after they stop smoking.  We all have to deal with stress, it’s part of our everyday life, and there are many healthier ways to cope with stress, the 7/11 breathing technique being one of them.

More Energy

Within 2 -12 weeks of stopping, your blood circulation will improve meaning exercise, like walking and running, will be easier.  The increase in oxygen in your body, can also help reduce tiredness and give your immune system a boost, making it easier for your body to fight off cold and flu.

Younger Looking Skin

Smoking accelerates ageing because it hinders the blood supply required to keep your skin tissue looking supple and healthy.  Stopping smoking means your skin gets more nutrients, like oxygen, so slowing facial ageing and delaying the appearance of wrinkles.

Live Longer

According to nhs.uk, half of all long term smokers die early from smoking related diseases, such as lung cancer, heart disease and chronic bronchitis.  After 5 years of stopping, your risk of a heart attack is halved, after 10 years your risk of lung cancer is halved and the risk of a heart attack is the same level as non smokers.

Hypnotherapy to stop Smoking

Man holding life word in palm

If you are looking to stop smoking and you are finding it hard to stop on your own, you are certainly not the only one.  There is a very good reason why some people find it so hard to stop smoking on there own, have a read of the article Smoking – Why Can’t I just Stop? to find out why.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking could help you stop for good because it deals with your unconscious reasons for smoking, it’s the unconscious reasons that get in the way of your conscious effort to stop.  If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy to stop smoking in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich and Eye could help you, get in touch for a free telephone consultation with no obligation to schedule a session, just a chat to see how I can help you stop smoking for good.