Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy – Hypnotherapy for Smoking 

Have you tried to stop smoking on your own and haven’t quite managed it?  Have you tried nicotine replacements with little or no success? Have you switched to e-cigarettes but still can’t quite stop?  Cognitive Hypnotherapy to stop smoking can help you stop for good.  

Numerous studies have shown how far more successful hypnotherapy can be in helping you stop smoking than will power or other methods available.  New Scientist Magazine published a study stating how Hypnosis was the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.  It went on to say, “on average, hypnosis was over three times as effective as nicotine replacement methods and 15 times as effective as trying to quit alone”.   

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy : 
“Smokers are 15 TIMES MORE LIKELY to stop smoking using hypnosis than with willpower alone.” 
Journal of Applied Psychology
Stop smoking Hypnotherapy deals with the unconscious reasons for your smoking, that’s why it’s so successful in helping people stop smoking; it’s these unconscious reasons which get in the way of your conscious desire to stop.  So using Cognitive Hypnotherapy, together we will work out what’s preventing you from stopping and resolve it.  I will also teach you simple tools and techniques, when tailored to you, will help you become smoke free for good.  You might even be surprised how quickly you find yourself no longer smoking.  Have a read of my blog: Why Can’t I Just Stop?
Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy : 
“Hypnosis patients TWICE AS LIKELY to remain smoke free after two years.”
 Journal of Nursing
I’m sure you already know the majority of the health benefits of stopping smoking but have you thought about the money side of things?  On average, a packet of cigarettes costs £8.00.  Based on the average of smoking 20 cigarettes a day (one packet), you would be saving yourself £56 a week.  Over a course of a month, by getting help to stop smoking  you will be saving yourself on average £243 a month and £2,912 per year.  What would you spend the money on?  A holiday? Plus thats just the savings over the course of one year.  If you smoke for another 5 years lets say, using todays price, you will spend on average £14,560 on cigarettes.  Over 10 years, you will spend a minimum of £29,120, and that’s based on the average packet of cigarettes staying at £8.00 per pack – how likely is it the cost will go up?  

One of the most important elements in using stop smoking hypnosis and your success to becoming free of cigarettes is your willingness to do so.  If you want to stop smoking, the first step is a free initial telephone consultation with me.  This enables me to tell you a bit more about the approach, if you would like to know, and for us both to decide if we would like to work with each other.  There is no charge or obligation to proceed at this stage.  It’s just a chat to see how I can help you.     


It’s Your Choice…

If you would like to proceed beyond this phone call, we will meet for our first session of 2 hours at any of the locations I practise from (Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds or Eye).  Everyone is different which means no two sessions are the same and some people need more sessions that others, so I also offer another follow up session of 1.5 hours.  You will also receive your personalised Wordweaving recording over the course of the programme – a bespoke suggestion pattern written specifically for you.  The cost for this entire programme is £270 and it is payable after the first session by cash or cheque (or by BACS before the first session commences).      

If you are ready to stop smoking, contact me today to see how I can help you become smoke free for good. 

“I went to see Elizabeth for help with giving up smoking in August 2015. I had, however, given up smoking but was using an electronic cigarette quite heavily.  I had been a little apprehensive and sceptical about doing something like this but as soon as I arrived I was put at ease. The Self Centre in Bury St Edmund’s is a very comforting and welcoming venue, and after meeting Elizabeth I started to relax.  I had been prepared to try cognitive hypnotherapy with possibly a limit of 4/5 sessions before I re-evaluated, but I didn’t even need that many. I had a total of 2 sessions and haven’t used my electric cigarette or had a real cigarette since. The whole process was simply, straightforward, flexible and with no pressure. I would not hesitate in recommending Elizabeth or returning to her again”.  
Patrick, Traffic Officer for Highways England, September 2015

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