Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy – Hypnotherapy for Weight-Loss and Weight Management 

Tried dieting and it hasn’t worked? Or the weight comes back again after a while? Are you fed up of dieting? How would you like to loose weight without having to go on a diet?  
Loose weight with weight loss hypnotherapy in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich and The Complementary Medicine Centre in Eye (near Diss).   
Most people who have tried diets have probably come to the same conclusion; they don’t work or they are a short term quick fix.  Once you go back to eating ‘normally’ the weight creeps back on again.  This is because all our behaviour has a purpose and most of us eat for many reasons other than just hunger.  Have a read of my blog: Is Dieting Working for you? 

Weight issues aren’t always about us just loving food. Our eating habits can be connected to our emotions and past experiences, for example, a child who is unhappy at school comes home and she is given chocolate to ‘cheer her up’.  When the child grows up, its not hard to see why she turns to chocolate when she’s feeling a bit low or needs cheering up.  Sometimes, we may not even be aware of this association between our emotions and eating habits; it’s just `’something we do`’ i.e it’s something the woman does when she’s feeling low – she has chocolate to cheer herself up.  Weight loss hypnotherapy can help break these habits and associations, enabling you to reach your desired weight and to sustain it. 

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy:  Using Hypnosis for weight loss, we will to look to change the relationship you have with food, reduce your appetite, boost your willpower, curb cravings and change any habits you may have.  There can be many reasons behind weight problems, so together and if appropriate, we can look at any other underlining issues that may be fuelling the problem like low self esteem, low confidence or feelings of worthlessness.

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