What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Whenever the word “hypnotherapy” is mentioned, for most people it can conjure up images of swinging watches and “look into my eyes”.  However, this image could not be further from the truth when it comes to Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a synthesis of many different ideas and approaches which uses a modern understanding of trance to help you make lasting change in your life.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy draws from not just hypnotherapy but Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive theory, Positive Psychology, evolutionary psychology and many more.  This means I have a wide range of approaches to utilise to create a bespoke treatment plan for each client.

The following short 3 minute video will help give you a better understanding of what Cognitive Hypnotherapy is by explaining the 3 underlining principles behind it.  The video is narrated by Trevor Silvestor, the founder of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy, with whom I trained with at Regents College in London.

In summary, Cognitive Hypnotherapy is based on 3 underlining principles:

Trance…. An Everyday Occurrence:

Cognitive Hypnotherapy works on the basis that a trance state is an everyday natural occurrence and not something someone can only put you into.  Have you ever been so involved in a good book that the time seems to fly by?  This is a trance state and science indicates that we are in these states 90% of the time.  When we are doing or experiencing our problem, we are also in a form of a trance state.  Trance states allow us to communicate with our unconscious and once in trance our unconscious is much more open to suggestion and change.

All Behaviour has a Purpose:

All our behaviour has a purpose, even if that behaviour could be called undesirable, your unconscious will believe the purpose of that behaviour to be positive.  Our unconscious guides us towards behaviours which it believes to be rewarding or away from things which could potentially harm us.  The problems we experience and want to change can occur due to our unconscious either making a mistake or simply misinterpreting a situation which leads to actions it believes to be a benefit, but are often not.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be used to change the behaviour you no longer want to experience, for example stop smokingpanic attacks, change eating habits….the list is endless.

You Are Unique:

You are unique and your problem is as individual as you, which means the solution has to be too.  I could see multiple people who describe their problem as ‘anxiety’ but one could be suffering from panic attacks, another unable to leave the house on their own.  Same label but different behaviour, for this reason I don’t use labels.  I will work with you and your problem, rather than working towards treating the ‘label’ given to your problem.

How is Cognitive Hypnotherapy Different?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is different to the traditional Hypnotherapy Schools because it doesn’t involve the use of standardised scripts.  Standardised scripts are not tailored to each individual and tend to take on a one size fits all approach.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses Wordweaving instead.

Wordweaving’s are bespoke suggestion patterns created and written by me for each client. They are based around your problem and how you view the world.  These unique suggestion patterns help change your perception of the problem, increase your rate of improvement and help make it permanent.

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy draws from many different approaches and this means I have an ever increasing range of tools and techniques to utilise to create a bespoke treatment plan that will help you overcome your problem in the shortest space of time you feel comfortable with.

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